From Director’s Desk

Having the opportunity to work for the rehabilitation and inclusion of persons with disabilities (Divyangjan) is a matter of immense pleasure and dignity for me.

CRC Ranchi is striving for skill development, rehabilitation, and empowerment for inclusion of those deprived of even their basic rights due to restrictions in their one or other ability since 17 June 2020.

We realized that the biggest issue we are facing today is the attitudinal barrier towards persons with disabilities. At present, the Government of India has made many acts and policies for the Persons with disabilities but the persons with disabilities as well as society are not fully aware about. Attitudinal barriers can be removed and society, persons with disabilities may be aware about government acts and policies so we are organizing awareness programs at the grass root level regularly.

In this era, there is a tremendous need for knowledge apart from gaining a degree. Our aim while working on this platform is to inculcate that skills/knowledge in students and working professionals which make them a better resource for rehabilitation of persons with disabilities even with limited resources.

Quality education along with necessary aids/assistive devices can make a remarkable impact on the growth of persons with disabilities(Divyangjan). Keeping this in mind, we are also committed to make their lives easier by delivering ready-made and custom-made sophisticated aids/assistive devices as per needs. For this, we are constantly distributing/manufacturing/fitting equipment at the center. We are also organizing camps in remote areas with the administrative support of the state and district administration for identifying and providing sophisticated aids/assistive devices to persons with disabilities.

At our Centre, we are conducting all types of rehabilitative assessment and providing therapeutic services as well, social work department is making efforts for economic, social rehabilitation for the persons with disabilities.

Qualitative and Quantitative research are also valuable tools that are scarce in the field of disability rehabilitation, here we are promoting it.

If you or any other person you know can be benefitted from our services kindly consult us.

Together we can make a significant difference

Jitendra Yadav

Director (Consultant)